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CrossFit is a program designed for all individuals who strive to be part of the "Sport of Fitness". This program consists of a combination of bodybuilding, weightlifting, gymnastics and hight-intensity cardiovascular training.

CrossFit consists of constantly varied workouts that are scalable, which makes it the perfect program for any committed individual.

CrossFit will help with injury prevention, agility, recovery, balance, accuracy, mental performance, acceleration, strength, power and endurance.


CrossFit Richards Bay offers different packages to suite your needs. We offer a basic beginners program, group classes as well as private coaching.

GROUP CLASSES (1hr Sessions)

A typical CrossFit class takes up to an hour which will be broken down into a dynamic warm up, skills/strenght work, a WOD (work out of the day) and a cool down/stretching.


During these classes there will be a qualified CrossFit Level 1 coach, taking you through all these phases.


You are guaranteed constant coaching and support.

To book a FREE Trial class, please whatsapp our friendly CFRB Team on 078 705 5267 or complete the contact form on our website.



Private coaching sessions are charged at private coaching rates.

8 Sessions - R2 000.00

12 Sessions - R2 750.00

16 Sessions - R3 200.00

*Prizes are subject to change.

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